Who we are

SENTRO TECHNOLOGIES is an international service provider with a strong foundation of best-practice engineering and technical innovation. Our goal is to supply high-standard Innovative services within Refineries, Petrochemical Plants and Power Plants worldwide. Sentro is currently active in Asia, South & North America, Europe and the Middle East.

What we do

Sentro developed unique application techniques, technology, and chemistry application for On-Line cleaning services within oil refineries and petrochemical plants. This new technology is based on intensive combined experience of  60 years in the oil and gas and power industries. With self-production and use of non-toxic, non-hazardous chemicals, and with self-modified machinery, Sentro has the ability to provide the client a full “turn-key” service, including skilled trained manpower, innovative chemistry and unique engineering methods. ROI after our services can take between 2 to 8 weeks, which makes it attractive and easy to justify to management. As a result, many of Sentro’s clients have created a periodic On-Line cleaning plan for furnaces, boilers and air coolers. Some clients recently changed their plans for 4 or 6 cleaning times in a single year, as they realize the advantages of maintaining high efficiency levels.

Sentro has an excellent reference base and many case studies to share with its clients and potential clients
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