Automated tank cleaning services

SENTRO provides unique innovative non man entry  SYSTEM technologies

OUR SYSTEM is the most advanced automated mobile tank cleaning system; an automatic method which is under a constant process of change and development with the utmost environmental safety during installation and operation.

The advantages of SENTRO SYSTEM

  • Automated tank cleaning system
  • Non-man entry technology
  • A 80%-time reduction compared to manual cleaning
  • Up to 98% recovery of hydrocarbons
  • Modular construction, easy on site implementation
  • Highly flexible and mobile

Benefits of the automated tank cleaning technology

Reduced time

• Up to 80% reduction of tank cleaning time (compared to manual)
• Shorter overall tank down-time

Minimal environmental impact

• Minimal waste disposal necessary
• Near 100% recovery of hydrocarbons
• Minimal hydrocarbon emission to atmosphere due to closed-loop cleaning
• Lower consumption of water, electricity and air

Cleaning result

• Unique indexed washing pattern covers complete tank interior surface area
• Re-circulation of cleaning media during desluding

Safe cleaning process

• No staff inside tank during cleaning process (non-man entry system)
• Continuous monitoring and automatic shutdown features
• No risk of explosion
• Minimal health and safety risks to staff
• System complies with ATEX (other standards upon request)

Personal safety

• No staff inside tank during cleaning process (non-man entry system)
• Minimal health and safety risks to staff
• Thorough safety training of operators

Easy maintenance

• Easier tank maintenance after cleaning

Follows legislation

• Designed for present and future environmental, health and safety regulations

Highly flexible

• Modular system can be tailored to customer needs
• Expandable, as customer needs change

Lower costs

• Overall tank cleaning costs reduced – see the cost/benefit analysis